Membership is no longer part of the make up of our chapter status. Membership is only with the National Organization NAEYC and the State Affiliate....PennAEYC. We look to members of the National and State Affiliate to support our efforts. Since LANChapter is no longer part of the NAEYC organizational dues structure, we receive no benefits from membership dues. Consequently, we no longer have any Chapter funding, so, if you would like to donate to our Chapter please see our Contact page for more details.
Annual Event


LANChapter will look to schedule an annual event, e.g., Advocacy Breakfast. Please check back on this website for details. Next Advocacy Event is scheduled for FAll 2020.


Special Events


LANChapter from time to time presents other professional development sessions that address a variety of topics that are related to the ECE field.  Please check the "EVENTS" page for special announcements regarding any upcoming events.


Executive Board Meetings

LANChapter has a new executive team... work group....that meets when it is necessary to do Chapter business and is made up of the members of the Executive Board and Board members at Large. This smaller work group is committed to raising funds and planning the details of events held by LANChapter. It is also the group who explores ideas for future endeavors for  LANChapter.....the ideas are taken to the whole Board and reviewed and approved for action. One annual business meeting is conducting meeting Corportion requirements.


Directors' Round Table Group Meetings

The Round Table group is a group of directors from across the Lehigh Valley and surrounding areas, who are get together to discuss, share and network ideas.  This group was designed to help to meet the needs of the early care and education directors as they look for ways to improve and professionalize the field of early childhood care and education.  We hope that you join us the next time we meet. Look for dates, times and discussion topics (if there is one).  This group is brought to you by the partnership of LANChapter and the new Early Learning Resource Center # 14. Please bring a brown bag lunch and enjoy time with colleagues.   See specific page on this site information........

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