Our Focus 


     As we move forward, we continue to work with a project based approach.....especially around advocacy for children, families and ECE professionals.  Our plan is to cultivate funding sources such as corporate sponsors, grants, fundraising activities, etc. (this will not only provide income for our activities, but will pay for organizational expenses). Please remember, we no longer get any funds from NAEYC through the annual dues structure.  Being an all volunteer organization, it has been difficult over the years to do as much as we would like because of the need for more help and funds. Our new and renewed focus will be to find ways to do more while looking for ways to fund our work. Because of the efforts of our exceptional Executive Board and Board members at large team, who will remain in place, but meet less frequently (meetings will be as chapter business unfolds) under the new structure........we will continue to explore ways to move forward and succeed. The alternative structure for operation will be a core group who will meet as the work of the chapter demands. This should streamline meetings and focus our work efforts. The Board a whole....will still have a say in the direction the organization takes. In addition.....we do value all other if anyone has any suggestions, please let us know, and please join us at one of our meetings to share your ideas.           




                      As you know - or maybe not - we are an advocacy group who tries to stay in touch with the latest issues in the field of early childhood.  We are always attuned to what is going on at the local and state level.

                     We also endorse Pre-K for PA (  and now Start Strong both advocacy campaigns that believe every child in Pennsylvania must have access to  programs that meet  high quality standards. We also understand that all who want the best for children will get behind and support the campaigns. We are supportive of the need for all children to have a good beginning and that a quality early care and education program should be available for all children.

Other Things We Do....


                        There are groups that we are associated with in the community that work on issues regarding early childhood care and education as well as family issues.  We are looking at a number of areas that interest the Board.  One such area where we are organizing our efforts is appropriate transition to Kindergarten and defining the term Readiness.  This will be an ongoing project for sometime, so if anyone is interested in joining the group, please let us know by getting in touch with Terry Thomas (  We have included Project LEAP as one of the developing programs under the current LANChapter organization.  LEAP is looking at increasing the awareness of literacy for children by creating events, activities and materials to promote this. Please join us in our efforts. LEAP's activities are overseen by the LANChapter Board. We are currently not engaged with any activities but stay turned for future endeavors.  


Directors' Round Table

Directors' Round Table discussion group is a group designed to encourage directors to come together and share ideas, concerns, and thoughts on current professional well as a forum for professional networking and advocacy.  We continue with our quarterly sessions......although we don't have an overwhelming number of participants considering the number of directors in the Valley.......we still have some very dedicated attendees. We hope more Directors will see the value in these sessions over time. Please join us for our next meeting.  See the Events page for more details.

Advocacy Breakfast

                  Our next planned breakfast is scheduled for

                                 April 2020.  


Please see Events Page and Advocacy Page for more information

                                                     No Small Matter

A documentary film on the importance

of early care and education for young 

children in our society see it if you can!!



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